IMEON ENERGY designed a revolutionary Smart Grid inverter : IMEON. This intelligent inverter provides an answer to the intermittency and fluctuation of solar energy by managing multiple sources (Solar/Batteries/Grid) at once. Since several years, the prices of electricity from the grid are rising while the cost of photovoltaic modules continues to fall. By increasing the overall efficiency of photovoltaic installations with smart storage management, IMEON generates a more competitive solar kWh than that of the public grid. IMEON is able to optimally integrate solar energy to existing infrastructures by relieving the public grid during solar production peaks (battery charging) and supporting the grid during evening consumption peaks (battery discharge). The IMEON solutions renders solar electricity economically viable and accessible to all. It’s the logical choice.


The IMEON ENERGY team has been long convinced of the need to combine ecological solutions with economical savings for home energy self-use needs and, as a result, we developed the IMEON innovative solution to address them.

Combining many functions essential to renewable energy systems (on-grid inverter, off-grid inverter, charger, router, source switch), we designed and created the most intelligent and versatile renewable energy production management inverter on the market available today. (IMEON does not require complex configuration but adapts its own operation by analysing real time production and consumption in real time. IMEON uses and directs energy in an intelligent manner to ensure optimum performance. “Grid Optimised Storage” reduces the storage capacity requirements and significantly increases battery/system life-span.