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8- Guarantee Conditions
IMEON guarantees products sold against any manufacturing defects or material preventing said products and/or goods from working according to the specifications of the command and for usual use for which these products are intended.
The guarantee period of IMEON is 5 years, i.e. 60 months. The guarantee period of IMEON starts from the date in which the product is first operational, which must be within a maximum period of 6 months after the date of the products' shipping to the distributor or their availability at our premises. If the first date in which IMEON is operational passes the 6 months period, the guarantee period will then start from the date of the products' shipping to the distributor or their availability at our premises.

An extension of guarantee can be awarded by a common agreement according to modalities established on the order contratualised between IMEON and the buyer.
This guarantee does not apply to components and consumable elements, nor to the resulting defects of, or bound by, the non-compliance by the buyer with the conditions of use and maintenance mentioned in the specifications and the documentation of IMEON and, more generally, according to the standards rules of use of said products. Only the IMEON software must be used for the settings of the inverter. Any other software is not compatible and may affect the operation of the inverter

The guarantee does not give rise to these following defects, and any responsibility is excluded :
(1) In case of association on said products with an equipment non provided by technical specifications of IMEON,
(2) In case of repairs or modifications realized by a person who was not approved by IMEON,
(3) In case of a damage as a result of the transport,
(4) The normal wear and tear,
(5) In case of non-observance of the installation manual and the instructions of maintenance,
(6) An inadequate energy,
(7) In case of misuse, abuse, negligence or accident.
(8) In case of intervention of a foreign matter or force majeure (lightning strike, surge, damage of water, etc..).
The services provided under the guarantee will not be honoured if the serial number or the type number of the product has been altered, moved, removed, falsified or rendered illegible.

At the reception of the service provided under the guarantee, IMEON will realize an expertise on the material in question. This expertise will determine whether or not the product can be taken under warranty according to the various defined exclusions.

The guarantee accepted by IMEON is limited to the replacement or the repair by IMEON of all or a part of said defective products and in the delivery of said repaired or replaced products according to the initial delivery terms provided that :

(1) Said defective products had been returned to IMEON at the buyer’s costs and risks at the latest thirty (30) days after the discovery of the defect,
(2) Said defective products had been indeed recognized as defective products by IMEON.

In case where the products returned under guarantee presents no defect, all the costs of this expertise shall be borne by the buyer.

IMEON cannot be held in any way liable in the event of installation of equipment having no production or a weaker production than that estimated by any study.
The professional developers are not entitled to the compensation of the loss of income.


The buyer has to install products according to the installation manual of IMEON transmitted with every command and by following the instructions supplied to the buyer by IMEON. Only this document is adapted to the delivered product and bound with the command accepted by the buyer. No other document can be a substitute for this one.

The installations made by uncertified staff, installed in non-compliance with the official installation manual and the instructions of IMEON, or otherwise badly installed, will immediately cancel the guarantee of products supplied by IMEON.


The free of charge guarantee service refers to the labour and material costs bound to the restoration of functioning of said products in the premises of IMEON.

Travelling and subsequent expenses of IMEON staff in conformance with the technical expertise, on-the-spot repairs, the moving or the reinstallation, or those made by other persons shall be borne by the applicant, unless otherwise provided by a written agreement.


Transport costs of the product shall be borne by IMEON ENERGY only in the case that the product is under warrantee. Otherwise out-of-warranty products’ transport costs shall be borne by the applicant.

In the European Union zone (excluding islands), IMEON ENERGY will effectuate returning the defective products to the factory on its charge, and will be invoiced in case products are not taken under warrantee.

Outside this area, transportation cost of returned material to IMEON ENERGY is on the applicant.

Note: If you are not an authorised IMEON ENERGY distributor, please contact your supplier. Our transporters do not pick up material at the end-users.
The IMEON after-sales service department:

After-Sales Services Department
300, rue Pierre Rivoalon
29200 Brest - FRANCE

Checks before any repair request:
It is important to verify the real presence of a default prior to attempting this procedure.
External factors might be the cause of the malfunction (sections of cables, protections, settings, batteries, etc).
IMEON reserves the right to charge expert fees and logistics expenses inherent to an undue or unjustified return even during the guarantee period.
Any attempt by a third party including opening IMEON, nullify the warranty or denial of repair.

Under-warrantee charges:
The transport and repair costs shall be borne by IMEON during all the warranty period, and subject to its use in normal conditions and installation requirements.

Non-warrantee charges:
The transport, expertise and repair shall be borne by the applicant.
If the equipment must be replaced or necessitates repairs costing less than 150€ excl. VAT, the changes will be made without consultation an invoice will be sent including the cost of transport.
If the equipment must be replaced or necessitates repairs the cost more than 150€ excl. VAT, IMEON will inform the applicant with the charges.
Your application request of non-warrantee service entails full acceptation of the current conditions, especially the incurred charges as indicated.


It is your responsibility that the product is properly packed in its original packaging. Damage caused during transportation will not be in any way taken into charge by IMEON. Bad packaging may result in destruction of the equipment.

I have read and I agree with the guarantee conditions
I declare to have the necessary knowledge concerning the installation of inverters and distribution of electricity.