IMEON 3.6 is the perfect solution for all your renewable energy production systems. The energy produced through Imeon 3.6 is used and oriented for optimum performance.


IMEON 3.6 is the ideal solution for all solar energy systems (Smart-Grid / Back-up / Off-Grid / On-grid). IMEON 3.6 manages different sources of energy (Solar, Batteries, Grid) and thanks to its integrated microprocessor, IMEON orients energy according to the production conditions and the consumption needs for most optimal performance.

IMEON 3.6 adapts to all installation types/ self-consumption with or without storage, isolated sites or grid-tied sites, selling the totality of the solar production or only the solar surplus, uninterrupted power supply (UPS / Back-up).

• Intelligent Smart-Grid inverter
• Smart-Grid / Back-Up / Off-Grid / On-Grid
• Compact “all-in-one” system
• Increased efficiency more than 30%
• Intelligent storage management
• Simplicity of use and operation
• “Plug&Play” installation
• Local and remote monitoring(1)

(1) Optional Monitoring Ethernet Card

Self-Consumption and smart battery management

Rising cost of conventional electricity, lowering costs of solar systems, inexhaustable solar energy: grid parity is almost reached on a global level. Solar self-consumption becomes logical and represent the future for all stakeholders in the solar industry.

IMEON ENERGY creates intelligent inverters for specific and diverse needs in the self-consumption market: performance and simplicity of use. The “Grid Optimised Storage” manages charge and discharge of batteries to optimise efficiency and increase the life of the batteries. In fact, contrary to traditional techniques, IMEON stores only the surplus of solar production and discharges the batteries only to supply the compliment of energy required after using direct solar production.With smart battery management, IMEON limits injection of electricity to the grid and optimises solar-grid integration through peak shaving. IMEON is conform the to the German storage program “KfW Speicherförderungsprogramm 275”
All in one

IMEON replaces all necessary components that efficiently exploits solar energy: On-Grid and Off-grid inverters, controls or regulators, commutators or source switches. IMEON ENERGY smart-grid inverters therefore allows to: save time with the ease of installation and secure connectors (RST and MC4); gain space thanks to the light weight and compact form; optimise the solar kWh tariff.

Increased Efficiency

No more need for complex or tailored installations studied and configured long in advance. IMEON adapts and makes the best choice of energy usage to guarantee high yields.

IMEON reduces the cost of solar kWh by 30% compared to traditional (Off-Grid) systems by minimising the use of energy storage. IMEON gives the priority to direct consumption of solar energy, and only stores the surplus of solar production.

Doubled Output

In the presence of the grid, IMEON can supply double it’s nominal power at constant load, for example: IMEON can use 2kW from solar photovoltaics, it can take up 1kW from batteries, and completes load with 3kW more from the grid when needed. If the household or installation site’s power supply is less than or equal to 6kW, the installer would not need to modify anything in the electric panel.

Smart Monitoring

With an ergonomic, user-friendly display of different elements of the solar installation. The user can easily follow and monitor the system status at any time, such as the production level of the installation, the habitat’s consumption, state of charge, level of battery and grid contribution to the load, etc.

Our range of IMEON ENERGY smart inverters equipped with the IMEON WEBCARD option can be monitored at a distance with the Android mobile application “IMEON MANAGER” available for free on Google Play.

Technical Specifications

Nominal output power 3000 W
Maximum output power 6000 W*
AC voltage (input & output) 230 Vac (±15%) / 50 Hz,60 Hz (±5%)
Nominal output current 13 A
Maximum output current 26 A*
Feed in to grid Programmable (yes by default)
Energy consumption Programmable priorities (PV / Storage / Grid)
Maximum input power 1 500 Wp to 4000 Wp**
Start-up voltage 150 V
Number of MPPT inputs 1
MPPT voltage range 120V – 450V
Maximum input current 18A
Maximum input voltage 510V
Maximum efficiency DC to AC : >95,5% (94,5% EU)
Solar production use Programmable priorities (PV / Storage / Grid)
DC voltage 48 Vdc / 42 to 58Vdc
Maximum current 80 A
Maximum load current 25 A
Type of batteries Gel, AGM, Lithium***
Charging curve 3-phase (Bulk / Absorption / Float)
Maximum efficiency PV to battery : >94% / Battery to AC : >93%
Battery charge Programmable (threshold / timing range via AC Grid
Battery discharge Programmable ( 2 thresholds according to grid availability)
Dimensions (w x h x d in mm) 440 x 580 x 165
Protection category IP 20
Weight 18 Kg
Connectivities TL (transformless)
Connectors USB / Modbus / Ethernet-IP (option)
Conditions of use Humidity level: 5 to 90% without condensation
T°C : 0 à + 50°C, degressive power >40°C (15w/°C)
Standards EN 62109-2 / EN 62109-1 / EN 62040-1 / VDE-ARN-N 4105
DIN V VDE V 0126-1-1 (+VFR2013) / DIN VDE V 0124-100
Synergrid C10/11 / TF3.2.1 / AS4777.2 / AS4777.3 / NRS 097-2-1
Warranty 5 years / Extensions to 10 years (optional)

*Maximum possible overload power with grid activated. Refer to installation manual.
**Taking into account the full inverter specifications.
***Lithium battery brands compatible with IMEON.


Of French design, IMEON smart inverters incorporates a high level of quality to ensure installation and maintenance safety.IMEON conforms to International and European Standards (CE), and is guaranteed for 5 years with a possible extension to 10 years.


You will find below all the information necessary to download (technical documents / certificates / …).

Title : Brochure
Filename : Brochure-EN-IMEON-Self-Use-Smart-Grid-Inverter.pdf
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Title : Technical Documentation
Filename : Datasheet-EN-IMEON-ENERGY-3.6+9.12-Self-Use-Smart-Grid-Inverter.pdf
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Title : Installation Manual IMEON 3.6 FR-EN
Title : Installation-Manual-IMEON-3.6-FR-EN.pdf
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Title : User guide IMEON 3.6 – EN
Filename : User-guide-IMEON-3.6-EN.pdf
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Title : IMEON MANAGER Software FR-EN
Filename : IMEON-MANAGER.exe
Latest update: V2.2.2 – 01/02/2017
Size : 63,7 Mo
Titre : IMEON MANAGER user manual
Nom du fichier : IMEON_Manager_User_manual.pdf
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Title : FAQ EN
Filename : FAQ-EN.pdf
Size : 2,00 Mb
Certificate DIN V VDE 0126
Certificate VDE-AR-N 4105 & DIN VDE V 0124
Certificate LVD EN62109 & EN62040
Certificate NRS 097-2-1
Certificat Synergrid C10/11
Titre : Imeon pack media
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