Self Use Solution

A “smart grid” is a clever system managing the Energy. Fossil fuels are becoming increasingly rare, their costs increase and lead to use energy differently in order to make savings.

The Smart Grid and the Self Use Solution

IMEON manufactures Smart Grid inverters dedicated to solar self consumption. IMEON manages several sources of energy (Solar / Batteries / Grid) at once to ensure constant supply of electricity in the equipped building, as well as significant savings. The IMEON smart inverters use the Smart Grid technology to overcome the fluctuation and intermittency of solar power.


Solar energy is unlimited, and to autoconsume one’s own electricity generated by a solar installation is the logical way to go. IMEON develops simple solutions which are easy to install, reliable, and increases yields to more than 30% of overall efficiency of a self-consumption solar photovoltaic installation. To do so, IMEON analyses real-time solar production, available sources of energy, and the building’s consumption levels. According to these measures and IMEON‘s imbedded algorithms, IMEON intelligently directs the available electricity (see diagrams below).


IMEON prioritises renewable energy
Using the IMEON solution is taking a step towards autonomy